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NZ Farmers dump wool levy

The Otago Daily Times has a story about Meat and Wool NZ will lose $6.4 million from its 2010/11 income after farmers decided to dump a wool levy.

The levies would have been spent on activities such as on-farm research, monitor farms and extension, shearer and wool handling training, Sheep Improvement Ltd, and the collection of wool sector data by the Meat and Wool New Zealand Economic Service:

New Zealand’s sheep farmers have dumped one of the last reminders of the former Wool Board and baulked at continuing to pay a levy for “industry good” work supporting the national wool clip.

Their decision will trigger a restructure of the Meat & Wool New Zealand industry board which evolved from the old farmer-controlled Meat Board and Wool Board. Existing funding will run out on April 18 next year.

“When the board meets this week, we will be looking across all current and planned activity areas to consider the implications,” said Meat and Wool New Zealand chairman, Mike Petersen. READ MORE.

Introducing Mark Weldon and the NZX

This is a couple of months old but Commodify Me! would like draw your attention to a story which appeared in the Otago Daily Times in May about the New Zealand Stock Exchange and its chief executive Mark Weldon.

The ODT story mentions NZX’s establishment and sale of a registry for tradeable carbon credits, its acquisition of electricity spot market operator M-Co and it’s acquisition of rural media business Country-Wide Publications:

In his seven years as New Zealand Exchange chief executive, former Olympian and Columbia University School of Law alumnus Mark Mr Weldon has built something of an empire.

Formerly a “number eight wire order-matching exchange” with a reputation for lax regulation and ripe for takeover by the ASX, under Mr Weldon’s rule NZX has cleaned up its act. READ MORE.

High NZ Dollar impacting meat and dairy exporters

The Otago Daily Times has a story about how the high exchange rate of the New Zealand Dollar (NZX50) is impacting on meat and dairy exporters like Fonterra and  Alliance Group in New Zealand:

The often-touted export-led recovery could be threatened by a soaring exchange rate which some economists believe could reach US69c. At 5pm yesterday, the currency was trading at US67.33c having opened at US66.99c. READ MORE.